By Bo Fisher

Potbelly Sandwiches

Though a sandwich from Potbelly Sandwiches satisfies the customer, the sub itself is nothing out of the ordinary. When ordering, sub lovers have two sizes to choose from: Original or Big. This can present a problem, as “Bigs” offer 30 percent more sandwich than the original, but they do not quite reach the footlong length that some may prefer.

There are many subs to choose from, but the traditional meatball sub is a must when eating at Potbelly. Though the sub is a typical meatball sandwich, with four tender marinara-soaked meatballs and melted cheese, it offers everything to satisfy the diner. The sub, though worthy of a try, is similar to a Subway meatball sub—good, yet boring. With two bun types to choose from, white or wheat, the toasted sub bun is something that might be offered in a deli and is quite plain. Though a Potbelly Sandwich may be nothing out of the ordinary, it is a good choice for price-conscious sub lovers.

Penn Station East Coast Subs

Despite the fact that Penn Station can be pricey compared to the $5 foot long at Subway, an East Coast sub, hand cut fries, and freshly squeezed lemonade is worth the cost, often exceeding $10. East Coast subs range from the classic Italian, to the baked Chicken Parmesan and can be found in Grandview and on Campus.

All East Coast subs are delectable however; the Chicken Parmesan comes out on top. The Chicken Parmesan sports a sweet-tasting Italian bun and is baked with provolone cheese and diced chicken. The sub is then finalized with a respectable amount of marinara sauce, onions and mushrooms.

A nice change from the packaged chips and cookies sold in most sub shops are Penn Station’s hand-cut fries, which might alter anyone’s perspective on fries. The crispy, fresh taste demolishes its competitors.

Freshly squeezed lemonade is also a welcome change of pace from routine soft drinks. The amount of sugar and lemons combine to make a great drink to wash down a sub and fries. The cold, refreshing taste of freshly squeezed lemons is a must, and though it may be more expensive than the ordinary soft drink, it will make Minute Maid taste like lemon-water.

Ignore the price and venture into a nearby Penn Station to enjoy an East Coast sub, fries and lemonade. Trust me, you will not regret this decision.

W.G. Grinders

Due to the rarity of W.G. Grinders compared to Subway or Quiznos, in the event you do come across one, do not pass up the opportunity. Grinders can be found on Fishinger Road, Grandview Avenue and North High Street, and its variety, price and taste are a welcome change from other sup shops.

A Grinder, another name for a sub or a sandwich, can hold anything from mouth watering honey-glazed ham to zesty meatballs. A meatball grinder puts shame to a Subway meatball sub. With four perfectly proportioned meatballs, the baked sourdough baguette is covered with a zesty marinara sauce and melted cheese.

The quality of the food is not the only thing that will have an effect on sub lovers; it is also price friendly. Along with a medium Grinder, chips, cookies and a drink are only $5. After trying a combo from W.G. Grinders, Subway’s $5 foot-long, which requires customers to pay extra for sides, will be something of the past.