A collection of images shot with the intent of capturing all the things that make high school students who they are.

By Charlotte Janes, ’18

Molly sits on my car while waiting for us to set up a night time photoshoot.

Laurel smiles for a quick photo against the Columbus skyline from a favorite rooftop of ours.

Molly does her victory dance after bowling a strike at the local(ish) bowling alley.

Molly messes around on a motorcycle game in the bowling alley’s mini arcade.

Laurel poses for a quick photo in an abandoned parking garage while doing some urban exploring.

Ellia decides to throw on Molly’s hat for a quick laugh after being asked to hold it for her.

Molly turns and smiles amongst a field of sunflowers that we visited in the early hours of the morning.

Sarah smiles with her camera as I take some photos for her website.

Ellia holds her arm out in an attempt to gain the roadside cattle’s trust.

Laurel laughs alongside Ellia while walking down a hiking path.

Molly rings the Salvation Army bell in front of Huffman’s Market while working for her service hours.

Amanda enters our ski trailer to get ready for a day on the slopes at Mad River.

Ellia messes around with an extra print that was lying around the photo room.

Molly smiles while getting ready to take a painting class on a school trip that we took with our fellow art friends to Europe.

Emily poses for a quick photo while working on the BARE hallway display.

Teammates from the gymnastics team talk to the judges before their meet.

Kasey and her fellow cheerleaders get the student section hyped up during one of the last football games of the 2017 season.