UA students raise money for a charitable cause

By Katie Chong, ’18

When someone says they’re raising money for charity, selling funky socks is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, Mrs. Frustaci’s IB HL Business Class decided to do just that to bring their curriculum to life.

“[Mrs. Ballheim] thought it would be a good idea to connect to our curriculum like how to run a business…and it’s a good way to change lives,” said IB student Youssef Negm.

The class partnered with the organization WeHelpTwo to raise money providing prosthetics to leg amputees in need. For each 80 sets of socks sold, a prosthetic would be made and donated. WeHelpTwo and its partners MEND and LEGWORKS worked with the IB class to supply the funky socks.

Pairs were sold in sets of three, selling for $12 per pack. The classes took responsibility of selling socks, using Kickin’ It to advertise to the student body. Fundraising started in October and concluded in December, selling almost 500 packs of socks, totaling almost $6,500.

“Two were already donated to a girl named Resty in Uganda and one will be donated to a family friend of Cole Muldoon,” said Negm.

The class has raised enough money to donate ten prosthetics and the rest of recipients will be determined by the class in the coming months.