Ever-shifting social studies progression baffles many

By Katie Zhao, ’19

UAHS’s motto is “Uniquely Accomplished,” but should it apply to history classes? For years, the constantly changing social studies class order has been an inside joke. Many US high schools offer classes in the order of World History, US History, and Government, but UA breaks the mold.

Counselor Matt Biedenbach says the change is due to the state changing end of course exam formats.

“For students that are taking end of course exams in the spring, the state is not giving us back the results until summer,” Biedenbach said.

Essentially, low scores on state testing would potentially leave some students unable to graduate. This would be mitigated by moving the exams earlier to allow for other courses of action.

Social studies teacher Kelly Scott believes students are academically prepared for the changes. However, she does note students may lose the spark to vote, one of the main reasons Government is typically taught senior year.

“We have to make sure somewhere we find that again,” Scott said.