Independent bookstores aren’t something you see everyday now — Acorn Bookshop in Grandview recently closed after 25 years due to people opting to purchase books from online retailers. For those of you that still prefer to spend hours gazing at a selection of books, however, there are still a few bookstores scattered around central Ohio worthy of your time. Here are some of the most popular.

By Ally Melnik, ’18

The Book Loft

Located at 631 S. Third Street downtown, the Book Loft has been open for just over 40 years and is still thriving today. The pre-Civil War building offers 32 rooms, each filled with different genres of books to choose from, mostly full of more recent releases rather than vintage and collectables. They also offer frequent author signings among other themed events housed in store. Be wary though, it’s very easy to get turned around while traversing the different rooms.

Cover to Cover

What started as a haven for children’s literature, Cover to Cover is now an almost 40 year old establishment offering all types of young adult literature as well as children’s. The store recently moved from its original location in Clintonville to 2116 Arlington Ave. in Columbus. Although it may not be as age appropriate as other bookstores, Cover to Cover still serves as a place to take young children instead of a typical library or bookstore.

Village Bookshop

Just off of Dublin Granville Rd., the Village Bookshop may be deceivingly small from the outside, but inside it’s home to thousands of books, both old and new. The bookstore uses an old church as its home and has been since the 1990s. There’s a nice blend of old, collectors’ books as well as more recent releases from the last few years. If you crave the smell and presence of old books, however, this is the place to visit.

Karen Wickliff Books

Another bookstore surpassing 40 years old, Karen Wickliff Books is located on N. High St. in Clintonville and specializes in buying and selling old books. This store is surprisingly home to thousands of books, including ones stacked on the floor as well as on shelves, with genres of all kinds present. The majority of books you find won’t be recent releases, but will still be unique nonetheless.