By Zach Backiewicz, ’19

On March 26, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un paid an announced visit to neighboring China to talk with President Xi Jinping. Prior to the trip, Kim had never met a foreign leader since he took power in 2011. China is North Korea’s number one trading and economic partner and is Pyongyang’s only major military ally.

According to the Chinese State Media, the two leaders were discussing the possibility of North Korea giving up its Nuclear Weapons in the rise of influence from South Korea and the United States.

The news later spread to the United States after Donald Trump tweeted the Xi Jinping told him that the meeting with Kim Jong Un went very well. It has been expected that Un and President Trump will have a meeting possibly around May.

These meetings from Un with multiple high officials from China, South Korea, and the United States could represent the continued growth of diplomatic efforts between the countries. The tensions involving nuclear weapons will still continue to be a prominent factor in the world, but possible meetings could help resolve many of those issues.

The latest interactions between the United States and North Korea’s leader was between Un and C.I.A. Director Mike Pompeo. These meetings between the two were specifically to plan and begin working on the schedules of when Trump and Un are supposed to meet later this year.

These continued interactions between Un and other countries could help lead to the resolution of the war between North and South Korea as well as the war over nuclear weapons.