Q: I don’t want to go to college or even a trade school. I hate the idea of having to make all these big decisions when I’ve just begun to figure out who I am. I’m barely an adult! Every time someone talks about college, it makes me feel like I’ll be making a huge mistake or that I’ll be a failure if I don’t go. I feel like I’ll lose no matter what I choose.
— Sad Grad

A: You should really dig deep into why you don’t want to go. See if it would be worth it in regards to things you hope to accomplish. There are alternatives to attending a standard university as well, such as a two-year college or the military, or you could always take a gap year and decide later whether you wish to go back to school. You mentioned that you dislike the idea of having to make big decisions, but at this point in life, you have to. There’s no other way—whatever you do will be a big decision. But I don’t think that you will lose, whatever you decide. By now, you’ve most likely realized that UA is a cookie-cutter society, but at some point, people will notice that life is not as sweet as it’s cut out to be.

Q: How do you get involved in the newspaper club?
— New(s)bie

A: Arlingtonian is actually a co-curricular, student-run class that meets for one period every day. To become a member of the writing staff, you should take Journalism I and II, which are both semester-long prerequisites (business and art positions do not require these classes). The Arlingtonian staff is looking for creative-minded and motivated students who will contribute to our award-winning publication. If you’re interested in enrolling in any of the aforementioned courses, please meet with your counselor to alter your schedule for next year!

Q: Trying to get through high school is a challenge in itself, and it’s easy to forget that we shouldn’t try to rush through life and always be worried about the next thing. How can I make the most of high school while still keeping up with my schoolwork?
— H.S. Socialite

A: Creating a schedule for yourself is ultimately one of the best things you can do for yourself. Let yourself work on your schoolwork every day after school in order to keep up with material and deadlines. Break work up by class or the amount of time it will take to complete each subject. By aiming to complete most of your work during the week, you will free up some time during the weekend where you can go out with your friends and maintain the social life we are all struggling to hold.