By Olivia Buster ’20

In Upper Arlington, there is a stream called Turkey Run nearing the Kroger on West Henderson, which, on more than one occasion, is littered with grocery bags, lost coupons, and pieces of broken glass from shattered bottles. Turkey Run flows past Thompson Park, the Upper Arlington Fire Station 72, and Reed Road Water Park then cuts through the turf and sand traps of the Ohio State University Golf Club, where afterward it empties out into the Olentangy River. Along with the rushing waters of the stream, pollution is carried with it causing further harm to the aquatic ecosystems of Ohio.

The environmental club helped clean up Turkey Run around two hours last winter, and AP Environmental students went there in the fall. Junior Margot Whipps was with her Environmental class when she first visited Turkey Run.

“The first time I visited this section of Turkey Run was for an AP Environmental field trip in the fall and it was a little depressing. Seeing not only a habitat for organisms so littered with trash was a downer but also knowing it was the same water going into what we use in our houses was a little unsettling,” Whipps said.

Turkey Run is  Upper Arlington’s watershed. All the rainwater and hose water or any excess water that goes down the drain pipes flows into Turkey Run. Due to the fertilizers residents of UA use or excess sand or dirt being added to the water, the growth and lives of organisms living in the water are afflicted.

Junior Bridget Reed who is a member of environmental club believes that UA residents can help maintain the cleanliness of their water systems. “Upper Arlington Citizens should make sure to dispose of their trash properly, including fastening waste bins closed to ensure no trash escapes. People should also be mindful when using fertilizers, as these can negatively impact our rivers and streams,” Reed said.