‘Urban Zen’ gives students a chance to unwind

by Dylan Carlson Sirvent, ’19

Urban Zen which was first introduced to UAHS during Idea Day is now offered for 20 minutes during both lunch periods every Tuesday and Friday.

Senior Cindy Tang said that she encourages students to go to Urban Zen to take a much-needed break from the stress of school.

“It’s important to feel a sense of relaxation and to take care of yourself mentally and physically during the school day,” Tang said. “After the last session that I did I felt like my breathing was slowed down, my heart rate was better and I felt calmer for the rest of the day.”

Urban Zen consists of breathing and stretching exercises, and one can use essential oils that Tang described as “smell[ing] really nice.”

The program was brought to UAHS by Sabrina Walters, a teacher at Windermere who has been taking a year off, to give students a chance to “de-stress and … take care of themselves,” Tang said.