Columnist discusses how quickly the school year passes by

Another year of high school has passed by and it seems to have gone by in a blur just like the previous ones. In the craziness of homework, tests, and life (as much of a life that you can have in high school), years seem to go by at the flick of a finger. Memories become like big blobs and suddenly we are all wondering what it is that we did from August to May because it seems like the year was less than a week long.

I have found myself looking back at the last three years trying to piece together the timeline week by week beginning from freshman year, but those memories are hazy andmany are forgotten. It is hard not to feel a sense of melancholy realizing that all those memories are lost.

However, I  have realized that it is important to be fine with forgetting. Every day is new and all we can do is live it—to have fun and be crazy. To be imperfect. There will be days where you’re a couch potato and watch three season of The Office in one day (myself included); there will be days in which you flunk a test or where you absolutely crush it; there are days you’ll remember and there are days you’ll forget. But you have to love each and every one of those days, even if they are good or bad.

So, as seniors spend their last weeks at UAHS, enjoy the present. Even if you forget most of your high school years, take the time now to be with your friends, to walk through the halls of UAHS for one last time before going to college, and realize how lucky you are to have your whole life ahead of you.