Arlingtonian reviews local queso eateries

By Molly Mitchell, ’20


Condado Tacos, with four locations in the Columbus area, offers a $7 Queso Blanco that is worth every penny. Whether it’s loaded on a crispy tortilla chip or eaten straight with a spoon, the Condado Queso Blanco, sprinkled with a gorgeous line of red paprika, has a 100 percent chance of filling your stomach to the brim before their award winning tacos even arrive at your table.


El Vaquero’s take on queso is another home run. 4/5 stars for its cheesy goodness, a star missing due to its glue-like texture. Cuco’s, El Vaq’s Mexican restaurant rivalry, has queso that is truly hard to consume. While I do side with Cuco’s for hospitality and overall experience, El Vaq’s queso is hard to surpass and the Cuco’s dip has a spicy hint that isn’t my favorite


Cuco’s $3 queso option is creamy and full of avor. While some enjoy the spice of their dip, I feel as though it distracts from the important cheese flavor. The kind employees make up for any points taken off of their queso score making Cuco’s on Henderson Rd. worthy of your next “I want queso” trip.


Yabo’s Tacos surprisingly delivers their own delicious, and underrated version of the world’s greatest creation. Signifcantly better than other queso dip in the same price range, Yabo’s queso is creamy and wonderful. The $2 cheese sauce is steps ahead of Chipotle’s dip, but a the same price.


Although it is hard to make melted cheese not delicious, Chipotle’s queso tastes nothing short of burrito juice. I am convinced they put a Chipotle burrito in a blender and mashed it until it was liquid. Chipotle’s take on the most delicious food in the world is more than saddening and ruins queso’s awless reputation.