Arlingtonian explores common sceneries of the UAHS swimmers’ lives outside of the water

By Grace Houser, ’20

Rise and Shine: During the current spring club season, the water bears attend morning practice from 5:30 to 7 a.m. before school on Mondays and Fridays. On Saturdays, they have morning practice from 7 to 9 a.m.

Unpacking a Snack: Sophomore Erin Reardon opens her breakfast in the East Cafeteria after morning practice. She often eats alone while waiting for additional teammates to finish in the locker room and join her at the table.

Touching the Texture: Junior Grace McCarty holds 2017 girls water polo spirit wear. The team’s adviser, Jennifer Houser, plays a role in choosing each upcoming season’s spirit wear.

Waiting for Mike: Freshmen Jackson Gooding (bottom) and Thomas Ray (top) play on their phones while waiting for Coach Mike DeBear to unlock the natatorium doors.

Getting “God’s Plan”: Coach Mike DeBear selects a musical favorite: “God’s Plan” by Drake. During practices, the swim team puts an underwater speaker in the water and plays upbeat music to keep them motivated. Some say that “God’s Plan” is overplayed due to its daily presence; however, many enjoy listening to the song.

Hanging Out: Junior Grace McCarty holds onto the diving board before fully jumping into the pool for practice. In one week, practices for spring club season includes three early morning swims, five afternoon swims and six dryland workouts that follow up the afternoon swims and Saturday early morning.

Ready to Practice: A poster reading “Are you ready to practice like a champion today?” hangs on the wall next to the main entrance door to the girls’ swimming locker room. Players tap the poster on their way in and out of the locker room. Previously, the swim team has had a larger, version of the poster; however, their number one water polo rival team, Napoleon, recently stole the poster.

Always Underwater: Swim teammates pose with the lifeguarding mannequin, named “BF,” in front of the underwater window to the school’s natatorium. This is a popular spot for swimmers to go to, and many will often go there when they get the chance.

Sweet Treat: Sophomore Adrienne Wachtman enjoys a bowl of vanilla ice cream at the end of the day. Wachtman joined the 2017 water polo season as a goalie and is looking forward to the upcoming 2018 fall season.

Studious: Sophomore Antonio Ventresca works on his packet for math class. When he’s not in the water, he likes to go Market District to study for big tests like finals.

Driving Downtown: For C-Bus water polo members, additional spring practices are held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at Saint Charles Preparatory School. Many athletes drive through downtown Columbus to reach the destination.