alisongilbert ’11 & hannahjochem ’10

Four seniors donate their time and energy to help those less fortunate

Name: Jordan Blossom

Location: Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

Dates of Trip: January 14th through 17th 2010

Accompanying Organization: Otterbein College, Nursing Program

Reason for Trip: After her father heard about a once in a lifetime experience from a coworker, senior Jordan Blossom packed her bags and head to rural Mexico to open a medical clinic. Blossom had already been working in a clinic in Columbus as part of her capstone project.

“I was ready to try something more challenging and going out of the country seemed like the perfect opportunity,” Blossom said.

The goal of the trip was to provide basic medical care to all ages no matter who they were or how much money they made, Blossom explained.

Daily Schedule and Activities: The group stayed in Texas and made the 10 minute trip across the border each morning. Once at the clinic the patients would fill out paperwork, consult with a nurse and then finally meet with a doctor.

“My job was to get the people from the waiting area to the nurses and then from the nurses to the doctors,” Blossom said.

“We mostly saw bad cases of diabetes, because the lack of clean drinking water forces people to turn to soda or other sugary drinks for hydration,” Blossom said.

The most common ailments were severe diabetes, obesity and improper consumption of medication.

“We saw people wait for hours and come from all over [Mexico] because the clinic is only open for two to three months each year,” Blossom said.

Impact on Current Life: Looking back on the trip Blossom explained that after seeing such severe poverty she wants to help in other places.

“It is amazing that one minute you can be in America and the next you are in Mexico and they don’t even have clean drinking water,” Blossom said.

Blossom explained that having nothing, made the people more thankful for the little things that they received.

“Even when they are facing the worst odds, they are still happy,” Blossom said.

abbyNames: Abby Moore and Caroline Wulf

Location: Caliche, Honduras

Dates of Trip: Jan. 16-23, 2010

Accompanying Organization: UALC, Heart to Honduras

Reason for Trip: Seniors Abby Moore and Caroline Wulf traveled to Honduras to provide a variety of services to the poverty stricken country.

“It was a really good opportunity to bless other people with the blessings we have already been given,” Moore said.

Daily Schedule and Activities: Over the course of one week, the group did everything from opening a medical clinic to building houses. Wulf explained that in the mornings, they worked at the rural clinic and treated every type of injury.

“One day we met a young girl who had dropped an axe on her foot while chopping wood for her family. Apart from the obvious injuries she was also seven months pregnant,” Wulf said. “Her parents had given her a pill to prevent infection, but it ended up turning her entire foot green.”

Moore said that they were able to work with and get to know the whole village.

“We worked with everyone, ages six to 79,” Moore said. “It was truly inspiring.”

Impact on Current Life: Both Wulf and Moore were in awe by the faith of the villagers.

“Even though the poverty was beyond extreme and the villagers had literally nothing, they believed in the little things and were extremely thankful,” Moore said.

“Because they had nothing, [the people] could see God’s blessings everyday,” Wulf said.

joeadamspicName: Joe Adams

Location: Calcutta, India

Dates of Trip: Dec. 22-Jan. 4, 2010

Accompanying Organization: Missionaries of Charity- Mother Therese’s Home for the Dying

Reason for Trip: Senior Joe Adams and his older brother, David, went on a personal mission to work directly with a small hospice in rural India.

“The main goal of the [mission work] was to provide dignity to the dying,” Adams said.

He explained that he felt like it was his job as a Christian to help those less fortunate.

Daily Schedule and Activities: Adams said his daily routine consisted of keeping the patients clean, fed, and as comfortable as possible.

“One day I was specifically assigned to comfort an elderly dying man; as I held and massaged his hand to try to keep the blood flowing, I prayed and sang whatever came into my head,” Adams said. “It was hard, but I knew I was working for something greater than myself.”

Impact on Current Life: Adams said he was impressed by the simplicity of the Indian people’s lives. He said he believes what he really learned was how to be thankful and appreciative for what he has been given.

“It was much more peaceful. I realized how materialistic we really are,” Adams said. “I feel like some of the fancy products we take for granted complicate rather than simplify our already busy lives.”