By Olivia Buster ’20

Photography has a certain magnetism towards it. Each picture has a story, and each photo reveals a clue into the individuality of the photographer. Below are three favorite photos of three aspiring sophomore photographers.

Sophomore Grace Houser took this candid photo of sister Violet Houser staring at the purple and pink hues of a Montana sky at their grandparent’s ranch. Houser’s love of photography can be credited to her grandfather. “My Grandpa enjoys photography and often takes picture of wildlife near his home in Montana, so I think that’s an inspiration,” Houser explained. She enjoys taking scenic pictures, especially during her travels. “I love taking pictures of everything I do. Especially if I’m at a really beautiful place like a mountain range or beach, I love capturing the moment I’m in. It’s a lot easier to take scenic pictures because you’re just playing with the angels.”

Sophomore Grayson Cook edited a billboard advertising the Rocky Horror Picture Show playing at the Studio 35 theater into a glitchy carnival-like scene. Cook’s father was formally a photographer and helped introduce him into the world of photography. “I had exposure to it at a young age. I got my first camera when I was five,” Cook said. Currently, Cook is doing shoots for friends and doing other independent work. “I express myself through photography with presenting mundane and regular things as having artistic qualities,” Cook mentioned. In the future, he hopes to gain freelance jobs for modeling agencies and news corporations.

Sophomore Grace Call captured a grinning Audrey Strickling last July. “I was doing a spontaneous shoot in the parking lot behind Whole Foods. I actually didn’t plan to take it. I was adjusting the focus and the lens was facing towards Audrey. I really liked how it looked through the viewfinder so I told her to freeze,” Call explained. It isn’t uncommon for Call to take a picture on the spur of a moment. “I like candids because they capture that person as their true self, it’s like capturing tiny frozen moments. Call sees herself in a future career related to photojournalism but is also drawn to studying psychology. As of now, she is a hired photographer for a photography store.