UAHS students work behind the stand at fairs over the summer

by Maya Mattan, ’20

The Ohio State Fair marks the end of summer vacation for many UAHS students. It seems school cannot begin without the fair’s fried Oreos, lemonade, cotton candy, popcorn and cups of fries.

Although most students attend the fair for fun, junior David Gallapoo and senior Dylan Reed both worked behind the stands for American Family Concessions this summer, with Gallapoo and his family holding a long history of making fries.

“I’ve been doing this my entire life, and I am a 4th generation carnie. My grandfather started it off,” Gallapoo said.

This was Reed’s first time working at the fair, and he said he enjoyed meeting people outside of the high school.

“It’s interesting to see the different diversity in the people,” he said.

Both Gallapoo and Reed are in charge of the fries. Gallapoo jokingly boasted off his skills.

“I make fries better than Ronald McDonald,” he said, only for Reed to refute his statement.

Additionally, Reed still has enjoyed his first year working behind the stand and living in trailer parks over the summer.

“I honestly prefer working because I have a lot more fun with my friends and the people I meet,” Reed said. “I get to see a lot of new different people.”