District implements swipe-in system for students returning from lunch or open study hall

by Sophie Yang, ’19

This school year, students who enter the building betwee 8:05 a.m. and 3:05 p.m. must use the senior doors on Brandon Road or the main office on Ridgeview Road. Door monitors now require students to scan their student ID on a magnetic stripe card reader. when entering and leaving.

Junior Julianna Schlatter swipes her ID card at the senior doors.

The swipe-in system is part of the UAHS administration’s plan to track students in the building in case of emergency. According to principal Andrew Theado, this particular card reader system records the time when students enter the building and links to Powerschool. Eventually, it will can report each student’s attendance by the hour as required under the Ohio House Bill 410 passed in December 2016.

Door monitor Ted Thompson who works the senior doors said the process has run smoothly so far.

“I just scan their passes, make sure they’re going in the right direction,” Thompson said.

As part of the changes, the senior doors are now entrance-only during 4th and 5th period. Students who want to exit the building on Brandon Road must now use the double doors by room 130, also supervised by a door monitor.

At the end of lunch periods, both door monitors work at the senior doors. Thompson said the two machines are capable of scanning 500 ID cards per minute, but the influx of students leaves a long line.

Door monitor Ted Thompson works in front of the senior doors as two students pass by.

A UAPD officer has also been stationed at the senior doors. Officers rotate in and out of the position daily.

Retired Upper Arlington police officer Dan Linton, who continues to work as a reserve officer, said he has worked with door monitors about 4 times this year.


“They’re hiring us extra special duty—just security before something goes wrong,” Linton said. “If [something] criminal happens, we take police action. If it’s a violation of school rules, we inform the school.”

Thompson said there have been no major complaints from students about the door swipe system.