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By, Clare Driscoll ’19


Nora Diday: So today we have a soccer game and I’m pretty excited. We haven’t been doing too well, but I think we’ll get better as the season goes on.  It’s a lot of fun because I’ve been friends with a lot of the people on the team for a while so it’s always fun playing with them. It would help us get better if we had more practices with the older girls on JVA and Varsity because they have more experience and I really like their coaches and I think they would help our team a lot if we had more chances to practice with them.




Sophia Bruck: So after school today I’m going to Easton to pick up my snowboard and snowboard boots and get fitted for all of that because this February I am going to Mt. Snow Academy in Vermont to train for a month. I’ll be doing four hours of private tutoring in the morning and then form one to four I’ll be out learning snowboarding on the park. By doing this I’m hoping to qualify for the X-Games or the Olympics. I’m Hoping to go to a lot of competitions this year.




Raihan Nurrahman: I aspire to be a pediatrician when I grow up. Mostly because my parents want me to be either a doctor or engineer but, I’m also just very interested in medicine. Health and Biology classes at UAHS have really inspired me to pursue this career. I also love working with kids which is a big part of the job. The only problem with this is my mom is always telling me that if I want to be a pediatrician I can’t be afraid of blood that, whenever I see bloody pictures I think ‘Oh no. I can’t do this!’. As I’ve tried to learn more about the human body I’ve gotten more used to it and I know logically it shouldn’t be that scary for me anymore so I feel like I’ve gotten over that fear. I am choosing to go after a job that my family wants for me because I’ve been raised to be very protective of my family and since they’ve raised me the least I can do is care for them back and the best way to do that is follow through with what they want for me. I also want to take what my family has taught me and emphasize that in my kid’s lives.

Editor’s Note: In the print version of this article in the Arlingtonian issue, we mistakenly referred to Sophia Bruck as Sophia Brossack. We have corrected this error online.