Seniors react to changes in UAHS parking plan

By Matthew Shepherd, ’19

The parking plan has experienced major changes since its original announcement in the later months of the 2017-18 school year. With the beginning of the school year and the distribution of parking passes, these changes are more or less permanent.

The largest and most influential change was an alteration of the areas that would have their parking removed. Before these changes, hundreds of senior parking spots would be removed by the end of spring break, including those near the baseball concession stands and the tennis court. This year, though, many seniors said they were pleased to learn the 100 spots near the tennis courts would remain open for the full school year.

“Our understanding was that the tennis court lot would be gone at Christmastime, and at the end of spring break, 125 spots from the baseball concession stands to the softball fields would be gone,” said assistant principal Luis Vazquez, who was involved with planning and organizing the parking plan. “As the plans evolved and changed, we found out that we would continue to have 100 spots in the tennis courts.”

For the students like senior Andrew Shapiro whose spots are located in the tennis court parking lot, these changes have been a welcome change.

“I’m glad that they reopened those spots. It allows more students to have access to parking and it’ll make lots of people’s lives easier,” Shapiro said.

While the exact causes of this major change is currently unknown, many students are still pleased with the outcome, especially those in the parking lot near the tennis courts.