Urban Meyer gets suspended for three games

By Maya Mattan, ’20

Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer was placed on administrative leave and was suspended by Ohio State for three games—through Sept. 2, 2018—for not informing officials about alleged domestic violence accusations against coach Zach Smith. It was reported via ABC News that Urban Meyer was aware of Smith’s abuse allegations but did not mention it to university administration. Smith was accused of harming his ex-wife when they were married in 2009. Ex-wife Courtney Smith told Bleacher Report she was abused on multiple occasions and asked for grant protection. The Ohio State University has fired Zach Smith due to these allegations.

UAHS junior Adrienne Wachtman believes Meyer should have spoken out.

“I think what he did was wrong and that he should have said something when it happened … he deserved the punishment he got,” Wachtman said.

Senior Jon Deshler, who plays football for UAHS, believes he didn’t deserve this punishment.

“It is true that the head coach of a college football program is responsible for his assistant coaches, especially at a school like Ohio State. Urban could have pressed the issue more than he did, however his personal focus is not on potential personal problems of one of his assistant coaches, it’s about winning games,” Deshler said. “Urban didn’t necessarily deserve a punishment, I think Ohio State gave him the suspension just to avoid media scrutiny.”

This could affect the team, but some people don’t really believe that Meyer’s suspension will have a large impact on the football team’s season. Wachtman agrees and believes that his absence won’t affect the team’s performance.

“For the football team itself I doubt they will see much change. Although Urban is a good coach he is not the whole staff,” Watchman said. “There are plenty of other people who can and will step up to help the team until he is back,”

Deshler, however, believes that it could slightly affect the team.

“A three game suspension is just enough to where it will affect the team, but I’m not sure by how much considering Urban has one of the best coaching staffs and teams in the country,” Deshler said.