UA student teams up with SafeBae to start new school club, create a safe place for students to speak out against sexual assault

By Journalism I student Sydney Moore

SafeBae is an organization spreading awareness for sexual assault which junior Emma Mitchell recently brought to UAHS.

Mitchell heard about SafeBae from a movie called Audrey and Daisy, a documentary about two teens who were sexually assaulted and went on to start a club, also called SafeBae.

SafeBae stands for “Safe Before Anyone Else.” Mitchell hopes that bringing this club to the high school will encourage students to put themselves first, especially in tough situations.

“People need to hear that it’s not about tattle-telling or getting anyone in trouble. It’s about doing what you need to do for your own health,” Mitchell said, referring to her own experience with sexual assault two years previous to working with SafeBae.

Junior Ava Grimes is a member of SafeBae at UAHS; she attended the club’s first meeting Wednesday, Sept. 30.

“I think that every school needs this kind of club,” Grimes said.

At SafeBae’s first meeting, all of the club members helped create posters about SafeBae and hang them around the school.

“It’s nice walking in between classes and seeing our posters being put up, seeing the change that is already taking place,” Grimes said.

In the future, Mitchell hopes to host fundraisers and create a safe place for as many students as she can. SafeBae adviser Amy Leacock agreed to supervise the club because of its subject matter.

“I think the message behind this club is very important to every student,” Leacock said.

Mitchell also hopes to bring Daisy, from the film Audrey and Daisy, to UAHS to speak to students about SafeBae and sexual assault.

SafeBae will continue to meet every other Wednesday throughout the year. The club welcomes any student who supports sexual assault awareness. Mitchell said she hopes that SafeBae will benefit students at UAHS and be a positive way to spread awareness.