Students may soon have a new athletics option with the creation of a school dance team

By Journalism I student Ayah Elsheikh

Soon, UAHS may offer dance as a sport thanks to efforts by sophomores Elizabeth Kane and Gwen Peters, who are in the process of forming an all-inclusive dance team . They are looking to expand the current dance club into an official sport that could offer the same benefits as sports like football and baseball, including waiving P.E. credits.

“Last year we kind of struggled because we both really wanted to participate in school sports,” Kane said, “but there wasn’t really anything that we could participate in.”

Kane and Peters were inspired by dance videos that they saw online, and thought they could do something similar in UAHS.

“Me and Elizabeth really wanted to bring dance to the high school and be able to get other students who do dance involved in the school,” said Peters.

The two best friends, who have been dancing together for around 11 years, created their own Dance Club and are currently trying to get it approved as an official sport.

“I already view dance as a sport, so I think it’d be important for other people to view it that way,” said Kane.

Both Evans and Peters said they see performances at pep rallies and school functions in the future, and are looking for a coach to help choreograph routines. This has interested students, especially those who attend dance classes outside of school.

Junior Susie Lynn, an experienced dancer, has gone to some of the scheduled Dance Club meetings.

“[The meetings] were really cool. I was interested to see all of the different people that I didn’t know danced and how everyone was sort of interested in the same thing,” said Lynn.

The ultimate goal for Kane and Peters is to bring a community of people interested in dance together.

Peters said, “We really want the dance team to make other girls and boys excited about being able to do dance and be involved in the school.”