Freshman finds fondness for running despite the difficulty

By Sammy Bonasso, ’20

Although Freshman Peter Milburn has only been running for two years, he has experienced enough pain, motivation and competition during this time to declare running his trademark activity.

“I actually originally didn’t want to run. I got dragged to the informational meeting,” Milburn said. “[But] then, I enjoyed it a lot, so I’ve been running ever since with the cross country and track teams.”

Milburn has been distance running since the beginning of 7th grade. During the cross country season, he runs five kilometers each race, and during track, he runs the 800 and 1600-meter races.

Like most others, Milburn recognizes running as an occasionally painful and difficult activity despite his fondness of it.

“Cramps [have been the most painful], because when you get them, they hurt, and sometimes you think it’s just easier to take a break. But if you’re in a race, you can’t, because if you walk you’re not going to finish well.”

However, in Milburn’s eyes, the benefits of running exceed the struggles. Although he values both personal records and competition with his teammates, he emphasizes the former.

UA cross country runners will run at Hilliard Darby on October 20th on the course outlined by this map. Photo courtesy UA Mens XC Twitter.

Milburn said, “Anytime you get a [personal record], that’s definitely memorable. The Eisenhart meet, which was a meet that in 8th grade was probably one of the more memorable ones because I [achieved a personal record] for the two-mile in middle school for the season.”

Although Milburn values his times more than his physical exertion or outpacing of others, he still competes with his teammates at similar fitness levels.

“In 8th grade [two friends and I would] always run together… and the coaches would always say that we needed to split up, because they thought we were running together. But, we really weren’t; we all just had the same [pace], constantly trying to beat each other. So, this year has been kind of a continuation of that, with us three trying to beat each other.”

In order to improve his time and endurance relative to his teammates, Milburn also runs during the off-season. He is currently among over 80 others on the 2018 cross country team and will run track in the spring of 2019.