UAHS annual Idea Day will take place in mid-March

By Molly Mitchell, ’20

UAHS’ annual Idea Day is scheduled to take place mid-March 2019. The student planning committee is already gathering speakers, communicating with caterers and brainstorming visions for the upcoming event. The theme of this year’s Idea Day is “SPARK: Finding Inspiration” where students will be taught the process of creating and developing their ambitions.

Junior Gabrielle Shell, who was part of the Idea Day planning committee last year, is working to plan this year’s event. Shell said she is excited to change up the day and make improvements from last year, including reducing the three-hour time block dedicated to speakers in the morning.

“We would like to fix the morning session and give students more choice in their morning,” Shell said.

Like last year, students will be able to choose what seminar to attend in the afternoon. Areas of interest range broadly, and this year the planning committee hopes to have a session that each student can be excited about. The committee is brainstorming ways to make the day more appealing to all students.

“We would also like to offer a wider range of choices in general,” Shell said.

Additionally, the attendance on last year’s Idea Day was hard to keep track of. The team plans to improve the accuracy of the attendance records this upcoming year.

“We’re working on creating choice… and developing options for students to design their own sessions,” said Laura Moore, UAHS teacher and Idea Day adviser.

If students are able to create their own sessions, they will have interest in participating in the day, Shell said.

If interested in joining the Idea Day Planning Committee, students can contact Ms. Moore for meeting dates and information at