Senior student touches on how positivity has shaped the way she looks at life

By Ayah Elsheikh, ‘20

Senior Camryn Morin Photo by Ayah El-Sheikh

Senior Camryn Morin
Photo by Ayah El-Sheikh

Life can bring about much pain and hardship and one’s motivation may not always be at its highest. For senior Camryn Morin, this has been especially true.

On the first day of third grade in a new school, Morin found herself sitting on the curb alone during recess, not knowing how to approach any of her peers. But in reminiscence of that day, she chose to focus on some funny conversations she had with the few kids she spoke to.

On the first day of 7th grade in a new school, Morin was lost, with no one to give her directions to her classes. But while thinking back,  she wanted to speak more about the girl she befriended during first period.

In the obstacles Morin has overcome in her life, she has continued to hold the same belief: positivity is everything.

Adopted from China at the age of 1, Morin told the story of how she was united with her family, laughing as she remembered the words of her mom and dad. She chuckled and said, “They were fishing around and they came across the idea that there are a lot of orphans in China who could really use someone to live with, so they were like, ‘Why not?’”

Even with the obstacles that sometimes come with being adopted, Morin doesn’t let other people’s assumptions get in her way. “I don’t really notice that kind of stuff,” she said.

Though she admitted, sometimes she’s too hard on herself, and lets her self-image lower her confidence.

“I guess because society has this perfect image of what girls are supposed to be, I’ve always wanted to fit in with everyone else” Morin said.

But as her positive side quickly shined through, she began to related her struggles to something she loves: hair and makeup.

Morin’s hair sat in perfect curls and her light eyeshadow reflected the light of the sun as she explained her analogy for her makeup. Foundation is the basis of everything, highlight displays the positives, and bronzer “round[s] out who I am”.

How Morin gained such an optimistic outlook on life she attributes to mentors she has met throughout her school career. Her old field hockey coach specifically, would send her motivational quotes every morning and show her how to utilize her mistakes as teachable moments.

“She gave that [confidence] to me, so I started to give it back to other people that I encountered,” said Morin, “… just kind of absorbing [my coaches] words and utilizing them in other ways.”

Among her peers, teammates, and colleagues, Morin is known for her acceptance of others and how she sees the good in people. She wants to apply this  later in life in her interest in becoming a teacher.

“You have to see everyone for who they are and it’s really important, especially [since] I want to go into the teaching field,” she said. “I have to be able to work with all these different students with all of their different needs” Morin said.

Despite negative events throughout her life, Morin’s positivity goes beyond herself, including hope for the well being of those around her. Through laughs and smiles, her final note for others was to “be positive, accepting and give off amazing vibes.”