13 student athletes sign contracts with their future universities

By Molly Mitchell, ’20

Athletic director Tony Pusateri quiets a crowd of supportive parents, friends and teammates on the morning of Nov. 14 to start UAHS’ National Letter of Intent Day ceremony. Signing Day occurs each fall and athletes at UAHS sign a contract with their future university to officially commit to playing there. This particular day, 13 seniors signed contracts.

Before the athletes introduced themselves, Pusateri took a moment to recognize those who raised these athletes into the people they’ve become.

“What is really neat is the parents,” he said. “It is so hard to raise kids nowadays, and look where they have put them: in the position that colleges want to see them.”

Pusateri then gave time to each of the athletes to introduce themselves. Proudly supporting their future university’s apparel, each student thanked their families, coaches and teammates for the continued support on their long journeys.

The following students signed with the colleges and universities listed below:

Olivia Carlton – Softball – University of Findlay

Alec Caswell – Swimming – Johns Hopkins University

Holly Darling – Diving – West Virginia University

Tommy Dilz – Baseball – Bellarmine University

Grace Golembiewski – Field Hockey – Saint Louis University

Ethan Hammerberg – Baseball – The Ohio State University

Heidi Heuerman – Cross Country – University of Wisconsin

Jackie Kasai – Softball – Baldwin Wallace University

Marie Paige Kompa – Tennis – University of Dayton

Max Martz – Basketball – University of Pennsylvania

Mikayla Messinger – Rowing – University of Washington

Quinn Patterson – Golf – University of Akron

Sammy Sass – Baseball – Wright State  University

Macy Spielman – Basketball – Bowling Green State University