Ever been published? Senior Paige Plagenz wrote and illustrated her own children’s book.

By Josie Stewart, ’21

In a small journal, senior Paige Plagenz reviews her story from freshman year and creates illustrations of the sky and moon to accompany the text. Now, Plagenz celebrates her newly published children’s book.

Her book, Cookie Moon, was released on Nov. 4. The story follows the story of an elderly couple who bake and eat cookies, using the treats to explain the phases of the moon.

Plagenz’s grandparents inspired her characters. Her grandmother had a love for baking, and her grandfather loved whatever she baked.

“Freshman year, we had a [writer’s notebook] in my [English] class and I wrote a story for fun, explaining the phases of the moon,” Plagenz said. “I don’t really know how I thought of the idea, but [English teacher Marlene] Orloff saw what I had written, and she told me that I should try publishing it. Junior year, I decided that I wanted to go through with it.”

Plagenz started illustrating the book during her junior year and finished the book this past summer.

Senior Paige Plagenz stands with English teacher Marlene Orloff at her book release party.

“[My mom] knew someone who had published [multiple books], and so we talked to her and she told us about a company that may help us publish the book,” Plagenz said. “Basically, I sent my story to her. She gave me some feedback and things I may want to change a little bit. Then, I divided [the story] into 24 pages and put drawings with it. I sent it, and they put it into a book. This is a simplified explanation of a very complicated process.”

Plagenz has always loved drawing and art and is applying to art schools. Besides her talent in drawing and writing, Plagenz plays tennis for UA, is an IB Diploma Candidate and plays
the violin.

Students who wish to purchase a copy of Cookie Moon can contact Paige Plagenz at pplagenz@uaschools.org.