Students discuss the meaning of stickers on their laptops

By Ayah Elsheikh, ‘20 and Josie Stewart, ‘21

Stickers and drawings cover laptop lids around the school, offering insight into the student’s life, hobbies and interests, just from the colorful collage on the back of their screen. Some students explained these stickers to the Arlingtonian.

Sophomore Garrett Alderman:

So I have a lot of hockey stickers because I like the sport and it’s the sport that I play here at the high school. I have three Blue Jackets stickers because they’re my favorite team. I have the USA Hockey sticker and the US flag because I like America, too. That’s pretty cool. I have these three kinds of outdoorsy stickers, like the GoPro and the YETI because I like doing things outside. Being in the wilderness, camping, fishing or hunting. I just like putting them on my laptop to decorate it. It looks pretty cool.

Senior Logan Hiller:

I haven’t put a sticker on here since freshman year. Outdoor Source is from when I went to Outdoor Source and got a free sticker. The Vineyard Vines is from when everyone was obsessed with Vineyard Vines and I got a free sticker. Everyone asks about my UA sticker. It was a football sticker from three years ago and everyone is actually really jealous of it. I got it because of my brother. I worked the football concessions and stole it. Custom Ink was from another basketball shirt. They throw the shirts and then they give out the stickers. My Beatles sticker is from a record store. My Akita sticker is from the camp I go to every summer. I don’t even know where my “one day at a time” sticker came from. My Beats sticker is from when I got Beats. When they were really popular. I got them in middle school and I got a free sticker. And my other sticker is also a free sticker that came from my bag. The stickers on the inside are from Mr. Orloff’s class, IB Sports. 10/10 recommend that class, year one and two.

Junior Jessie Goldberg:

I went to Houston over the summer for a service trip, and we volunteered at this place called Undies for Everyone. Their mission is important to me and their main goal is to give every child in Houston a clean pair of underwear that will last the week. So what we did was package up the underwear. That’s why it’s important to me.

Sophomore Sulaiman Alghothani:

My Lifeproof sticker is there because I really like Lifeproof. I have Lifeproof cases and I’m a big fan. My Planet Fitness stickers are there because I just got a membership at Planet Fitness, so I’m starting to go there. This one is just my name. I don’t know, I just like that sticker. Under Armour is a good brand, so I have that one, too.