Signed with St. Louis University and sealed UAHS’ first All Ohio field hockey player award, Grace Golembiesky delivers her story about growing into the player she has become.

By Molly Mitchell, ’20

As an early middle schooler, Golembiesky could be found in the gym. Little did she realize, only six years later, her gymnastics-loving self would be one of the 15 best field hockey players in the state of Ohio.

As a sophomore, Golembiesky was recognized as one of the top 32 players in Central Ohio winning Second Team All League. Quickly progressing to First Team All League as a Junior and finally, First Team All Ohio during her senior season.

Golembiesky recalls her roots in gymnastics and says that an older cousin, along with her friends, pushed her to try out field hockey while in middle school.

“I wanted to try a team sport for once,” she said.

Through her career and developing as a high school student, Golembiesky has been challenged to step up in social situations she didn’t see coming.

“I have had to branch out and hang out with people I wouldn’t normally hang out with… That was hard for me at first,” Golembiesky said. “Now, I am so close to my teammates.”

As high school progressed, Golembiesky saw that by increasing her conditioning and the way that she trained,  she would have clear opportunities for after high school. Ultimately, she signed on National Letter of Intent Day in early Nov. with St. Louis University, a Division 1 school. She thanks the people in her life for all that she has been able to do with the sport that she loves.