Low temps, snowfall bring snow days to UA

Throughout the day on Tuesday, Jan. 29, teachers announced the strong possibility of a calamity day—often called snow days—for the following day. Students hoped. Teachers gave snow day assignments. Superintendent Paul Imhoff reviewed the weather projections for central Ohio.

At roughly 4 p.m. on Jan. 29, Imhoff released the much-anticipated announcement: School was canceled for Jan. 30 “due to the extremely low wind chills expected.”

AccuWeather reports that central Ohio temperatures reached a low of -4 degrees Fahrenheit on Jan. 30, with wind chills reaching into the -20s. Imhoff stated in his email canceling school that the administration’s “guideline is to cancel if there will be sustained wind chills of -22 degrees or lower.”

Students were delighted to receive a second announcement of school cancelation for Thursday, Jan. 31 at roughly 2 p.m. on Jan. 30. Imhoff stated school would be canceled “due to the continued poor weather conditions.” AccuWeather reports that temperatures again reached a low of -4 degrees Fahrenheit on Jan. 31, again with bitterly cold wind chills.

Friday, Feb. 1, resulted in the third snow day in a row when snowfall began overnight and continued into the early morning hours. Imhoff issued his decision to cancel school at roughly 5 a.m. the morning of Feb. 1. The National Weather Service reports that the I-70 corridor received 4-6 inches of snow. Low temperatures prevented salt applications from melting the precipitation in a timely manner, resulting in poor driving conditions.

Classes resumed Monday, Feb. 4, with students and staff returning to school in the morning under spring-like temperatures in the mid-40s.