Tomatoes, Gen Z and sophomoritis: explore UAHS through statistics.

by Sophie Yang, ’19. Graphics by Katie Zhao, ’19.  


The average UAHS student wakes up at 6:43 in the morning on school days. The junior class wakes the earliest, followed by seniors and freshmen. Sophomores wake the latest with an average of 7:01 a.m.



43 percent of students have a dislike for tomato compared to 49 percent who dislike rare meat, 47 percent who dislike mushrooms and 28 percent who dislike fish.


  7 in 10 students know someone who has circumvented the UAHS internet filter. The filter was updated before the 2017-18 school year to work on school-issued laptops at home.  


Are sophomores the real ones with senioritis? The average Upper Arlington student spends 2 hours and 47 minutes procrastinating every school day. Sophomores were the most prone to procrastination (2 hours, 57 minutes) followed narrowly by juniors (2 hours, 56 minutes). Seniors weighed in at 2 hours and 43 minutes, their productivity only outmatched by freshmen (2 hours and 26 minutes).



70 percent of students identify as Generation Z, 16 percent identify as Millennials and 14 percent identify with neither group. Out of all grades, sophomores were least likely to identify as Gen Z, most likely to identify as Millennial and most likely to identify as neither. Pew Research Center defines Gen Z as born from 1997 to 2012, but cutoffs range from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s with no clear consensus.



Pencils are the superior writing utensil. Over 60 percent of students preferred pencils over pens. According to The New York Times, the built-in eraser on the pencil was added in 1858 by stationer Hymen Lipman.



The average Upper Arlington student received their first cell phone in 5th grade at around 11 years old. But while the average senior was almost halfway to 12 years old when they received their first cell phone, the average freshman had just turned 10.