By Matthew Shepherd, ’19 and Ayah Elsheikh, ’20

The International Movie Club originated as an opportunity for Madame Voegt-Brooking (V-B) to allow her french students to watch foreign movies outside of their normally allocated classroom time. Since then, the club has evolved into a varying group of students who find interest in watching and discussing movies from different cultures.

“I just think it is very important for students to become more familiar with another view of the world, and I think movies are a way to do that, especially as nowadays everything is so visual,” said V-B, “It started with french movies I was showing in class.”

The opportunity to watch movies benefits students in many ways according to V-B. These benefits range from an ability to engage with different styles of music to a greater appreciation of foreign cultures.

“You are exposed to different countries that you may not know anything about. You see different countrysides, you see different food, you see how different people react. You see differences and also sameness; we’re different, but also the same, so I think that is important to see,” said V-B.

Beside these benefits, the club offers a high amount of student involvement and social interaction. For instance, some of the movies shown earlier this year, such as Les Choristes, were chosen by groups of students who loved them. Additionally, the club offers students the chance to escape the rigor of school to relax and watch movies with friends.

V-B said, “Sometimes you’re at school, you have nothing to do, and this is a safe environment where you can be away for a little bit because you can immerse yourself in a movie, especially when things didn’t go so well during the school day.”

The club offers a chance to watch movies that would otherwise be hard to find in the United States or movies that were not given a wide release. Some of these include Wadjda or Une Bouteille a la Mer.