By The Journalism II Editorial Board

Columbus, Ohio: the state’s forgotten middle child. Despite it being the state’s capital, Columbus is often forgotten between its more widely-known cities: Cincinnati and Cleveland. Although Columbus is not the most historic city around or the one with the best baseball or basketball team, it is a city of which we should all be proud.

When we think of America’s greatest cities, it’s easy to jump straight to the belief that the bigger the better. The names at the forefront of our minds are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and others. And although it may not seem like it at first, a lot of the things that we think make these cities great can also be found in Columbus: diverse communities, rich histories, intriguing sights and renowned cuisine.

We need to appreciate Columbus for what it is: a city that has a lot to offer. To do so, we need to get out and discover the city and see it for ourselves. Downtown, the Short North beckons, a district chock-full of local shops and authentic food. Just north of the city is the Columbus Zoo, ranked as one of the top five zoos in the nation. Columbus is also home to The Ohio State University, the nation’s third largest university and the Ohio State Buckeyes. With thriving local music, food and art scenes, there are so many things to explore.

But what really makes Columbus a great place to live is the community that inhabits it. It doesn’t take much to see how active our community is. Just this past year, when we all thought the Crew might leave Ohio, the movement #SaveTheCrew began and managed to keep the team here with the support of over 300 local businesses and state investors. Voices from all over Columbus and Ohio convinced new ownership to take over the team. It is this collection of small voices becoming a larger one that makes this city so special. If we want to see our city continue to grow and thrive, we need to support it and do our part. Whenever we can, we must support small businesses instead of online sellers. We must use our unique voices in both our local and state governments, and all of us who are eligible to vote must do so.

Lastly, we must share all the great things about Columbus with others. Help those who don’t know our community see its potential and vibrancy. Tell them C-bus is a community worth visiting and supporting. It’s what we give to Columbus that ensures the city can continue to give back to us for years to come.