By Sydney Moore

    The culture and diversity club is a student led club by students who are interested in culture and making an awareness of culture and diversity to other students. The club is in room 243 once a week, typically rotating between Mondays and Tuesdays. Any students are welcome that support and respect culture and are passionate about diversity in and outside of the Upper Arlington High School.

A booth representing Japan by Theo Sensaki at the culture fair. Photo by Kiersten Grimm

    The club is mostly student led, and the club members take each other’s interests into consideration for the topic of each meeting. They often watch videos on diversity related topics that the students can discuss afterward.

    Students in the culture and diversity club are currently preparing for the 4th annual culture fair on march 1st. Any students are welcome to create their own booth, or simply attend and visit other booths. Each booth at the culture fair will describe someone else’s culture. Booths can contain food, music, interactive experiences, such as henna, and more. 

   “Students have an authentic way to share their cultures with their peers and get to know each other on a level that isn’t always possible in the classroom,” says Frau Fellinger, the clubs organizer, “It’s so great to see students beaming with pride as they share about the cultures they are from.”

    Students in the culture and diversity club hope this is something other students want to participate in, and not something they feel obligated to. They hope it gives us a chance to celebrate our differences and use them to get to know one another. “We want to get students engaged in culture,” says Ayah Elsheikh, a student in the culture and diversity club, “It’s about getting students together to celebrate different cultures.”