Community School grows closer in annual Culture Scene event

by Hallie Underwood ‘20

On March 7 at 6 p.m., Community School held their third annual Culture Scene. Students in Community School decorated the first and second floor Learning Center with original art and set up tables for silent auctions and food. Community School students and staff also set up tickets for the event, found sponsors in the community, donated food, and made artwork to be sold or displayed at the event. 

Live music moved through the halls as people inside and outside of the program came together to raise money for activities including the senior send-off and Community School next autumn. 

Photo by Grace Call

“It’s also a way to show off the creativity and hard work the students show and put into their work,” said junior Hannah Dabbs who has been a member of Community School since her sophomore year.

Aside from fundraising, Dabbs feels Culture Scene brings students in the program together as they work toward a common goal.

“It’s just like a big hangout after school. We’re all just setting up and talking and chilling and its just really fun during the entire process,” Dabbs said.

Students, parents and others outside of Community School also gather to support the program. 

“I think [people outside of Community School] can learn more about the program and the people through this experience,” Dabbs said. 

Video recordings by Grace Call