On March 30, Upper Arlington’s robotics club “BearBots” advanced to world competition and received the Engineering Inspiration award. The award “shows advancing respect and opportunities for STEM in a community,” according to junior and team captain Audrey Strickling.

Photo courtesy Audrey Strickling

“It means we have an amazing community that supports STEM and has helped us facilitate an amazing program,” Strickling said.

BearBots, Strickling said, is hoping to spread robotics to elementary schools in the community with the help of the PAST Foundation.

Aside from the achievement of a second Worlds advancement, Strckling said BearBots works to increase awareness for STEM in Upper Arlington.

“We are working really hard to provide opportunities for STEM,” Strickling said. “As a team, we are working to change Upper Arlington values as a whole by making STEM a priority,” Strickling said.

FIRST Championship will be held from April 24-27 in Detroit, Michigan.