Students begin 2019 AP testing season

by Matthew Shepherd, ’19

As the end of the school year approaches, students at UAHS have begun to take the AP tests, beginning on May 6 with both the US Government and Politics test, the Chinese Language and Culture test and the Environmental Science test. For some students, this year marks their first time taking an AP test.

Sophomore Sam Wyzelic took his first AP test on May 6, which was the AP Government and Politics test.

“Going in to the test, I was fairly stressed. That being said, I had a bit of confidence because other students who had taken it last year said it wouldn’t be so bad,” Wyzelic said.

For some students, the process of preparing for and taking the tests can be fairly stressful. Despite this, many realize that taking the tests can lead to positive results in the future.

“I did get nervous, knowing that AP tests can help me down the line, but, as I took it, I realized I was more prepared than I thought. Afterwards, I was relieved it was over and pleased with how I felt about taking it,” Wyzelic said.

Even those who have already taken AP tests in previous years often feel nervous leading up to exams. Senior Andrew Shapiro, who took the AP Spanish test on May 7, felt nervous yet prepared for his exam.

“I was nervous about the test because it was an AP test, which can affect what classes I take in college,” Shapiro said. “That being said, when I was done, I felt very relieved and had a sense of gratitude for señora and all the preparation we did.”

AP testing will continue through May 17, covering subjects from foreign languages to computer science. The complete schedule can be found on the College Board website as well as on The Princeton Review.