Unlike in years past, BARE Magazine turns to online publishing and artist interviews

by Sophie Yang, ‘19

As the school year ends, Upper Arlington’s literary arts magazine BARE would traditionally be preparing to upload an online publication of student works. But this year, seniors and BARE co-editors in chief Noel Reed and Katie Zhao have taken the club in a different direction.

“Last year we created an online publication using [Adobe] InDesign,” Zhao said. “This year, we were pretty busy working on [a new] website and setting up student artist interviews. At the beginning, we were planning to go back to print, but then we realized that a website would be a more long-lasting addition.”

According to Zhao, the club has done around eight interviews with Upper Arlington students and local artists this year. The interviews are posted on BARE’s website along with regularly updated literary and visual works submitted by students.

“We haven’t been actively seeking out submissions this [school] year but last year, we got around 200,” Zhao said.

Reed said the new system makes student works more accessible.

“With an online format we have more of an opportunity to engage with our community and have a more immediate way to view the works of students,” Reed said.

As both Reed and Zhao will leave UAHS this May, Reed leaves behind hopes for BARE.

“My number one hope is that everyone in the school is aware of it” Reed said. “Just getting the word about it out there and having it be an avenue for how students can express themselves creatively while connecting with a larger artistic community in Columbus through interviews with Columbus artists—I think that’ll serve BARE well.”

Sophomores Joy Ku and Sophia Shen will lead BARE as co-editors in chief next school year.