leah-webTwo issues, one month. That’s the annual task we set out for ourselves each March.

While there is more work and pressure each March, these stresses actually make the issue that much more fun to produce. Challenges like this keep the class interesting and our minds focused as the warm weather approaches.

Global warming is a dividing topic for most people. While some passionately argue that global warming is a reality, others are not so easily swayed. Our conversations in Arlingtonian proved that there are a variety of views on the debate, so we wanted to highlight the arguments that have reached the UAHS hallways. Whether or not global warming exists, there is still a responsibility to all of us to do the small things we can to improve the Earth. In reality, it’s not that difficult to become more green. Recycling, unplugging electronics when not in use and changing light bulbs to more eco-friendly kinds are all small steps. As the debate heats up, I expect this hot button issue to be something talked about for years to come.

Another topic of conversation at the school is the many changes coming to UAHS in the next year. From the AP/IB teaching policy to the calamity days to the new classes being introduced, change is definitely in the air. In my four years here alone, there have been many alterations to the high school, such as the elimination of homerooms. It will be interesting to see how these policies are implemented. I’m sure Arlingtonian will report on the results.

Finally, I’d like to highlight a very important part of our staff that may go unnoticed. Our business staff works diligently to sell advertisements and there are still opportunities to advertise in our newsmagazine. Upcoming events like graduation are the perfect way to congratulate your child on a great four years. There are many size options and ad contract forms can be found on our website www.arlingtonian.com/advertise.

Hoping for more warm weather and beautiful spring for everyone,

Leah Johnston

Editor in Chief