Can we talk for a minute?

First off, I’m glad you’re here. I am glad we are all here, tackling the first of 179 days this school year. The last real “First Day of School” for some of us and the first day of four years at UAHS for a different quarter. It excites me that, within these walls, we are each given the opportunity to grow and think and expand within ourselves and our community. The issue you hold is a product of 21 staff members doing just this; the Arlingtonian staff has stretched themselves across their community to take advantage of this opportunity we are all given.

To put it simply, immerse yourself in these next 179 days. Engage in conversation. Ask peers for a minute of their time and sit in discussion for 60. After our chat here on Page 3, sit and converse with stories in the next 13 pages. Conversations turn into excitement and ideas stem from the synthesis of two engaged minds. Arlingtonian wants to be a catalyst for these discussions. From excitement to disagreement to unanswered questions stemming from the stories we create, our school’s publication is an open forum for student opinion and concern. Email us. Write us. Show up to Ms. Hemmerly’s seventh period.

Let me be the voice on your first day to officially yell “Go!” I know we are all both “ready” and “set.” Class presidents have been elected and tryouts have been held. Now is the moment where this chaos is set in motion. Let’s create and immerse and engage and discuss. Let’s go, Bears.

It was good talking to you. We should do it again soon.