By Molly Mitchell, ’20

Even for summer lovers, there is something comforting about setting our clocks back, bundling up and settling in for the winter. I know it gets old when we reach March and haven’t seen the sun in five months, but for now I enjoy the community forced together by inside weather. Just this week, I opted out of driving to lunch to avoid the 30 degree weather and sat with a new friend. We are more intertwined, overlapped and on top of each other as the weather shifts. And I don’t hate it and propose that our readers shouldn’t hate it either.

This issue packs stories written by staff members who report on our constant
interaction. On the next page, Maya Mattan looks into changes that the new building will bring to the photo contest. Talking to photographers who have participated in the contest before, she answers questions as to what will happen with the 20-year-long tradition.

In the centerfold, Josie Stewart and Noah Mizer dive into our school’s dress
code policy. The writers investigate why students are getting dress coded more this year than in years prior and what administrators think about the change.
The change in weather comes every year. So does the sardine-like community we build around each other. I promise March will come soon enough, but I encourage you to not lose sight of these next few months and the opportunities they bring for interpersonal growth.