Adham Hamed spent his fall playing in the marching band during half time at his own football games.


Sophomore Adham Hamed has been playing football
since 5th grade. In his freshman year, the football player decided to join the UAHS marching band.

Hamed coordinates with both Football Coach Jeremy Scally and Band Director Todd Fessler because both groups meet in the fall season. Hamed has gotten mixed reactions from the football team, he says some players are really supportive but some question his ability to commit to both the sport and marching band.

“Some of the players will come up to me and say ‘Why were you with the band and not us?’ or the other way around. ‘Hey you did a really nice job with the band, and I liked your performance,’” Hamed said. “It doesn’t really matter to me. I couldn’t care less.”

Hamed said both Scally and Fessler have had no problem with him participating in both activities. Hamed is on the field at 7:30 a.m every morning to run through the music for marching band. He then goes about his normal day as part of the football team. He wears his jersey to school and goes through the normal pre-game procedure with band before joining the team to warm up for the game.

Hamed talked to Scally before tryouts telling his coach that he wants to balance marching band and football and outlined how participation in both would work logistically with Fessler. Hamed says his fellow members of the marching band help him move his equipment so he can make a smooth transition from the game into the show.

“I have one of my friends from the drumline who will help me carry [drums] over for halftime,” he said. As for his instrument, Hamed began marching band playing saxophone but later switched to the quintuplet drums because he liked the excitement of drumline.

“It takes a lot of hard work and determination and [those are] my things,” said Hamed. He likes to see the game from both sides. Even if the team is down a few points, getting to march at halftime is a great stress reliever and says he has no problem juggling school, football and band. Hamed says football takes up most of his time, but he sets aside time to make sure he stays on top of his school work.

“I focus my time and energy on getting school work done, it’s not as bad as people think,” he said.

Hamed said on rare occasion he may miss football for band or the other way around. He missed preseason football for the marching band parade and other marching band events, but during the regular football season he hasn’t missed a single practice for either one.

“It’s definitely a lot of work, but honestly I [have] to say it makes the game so much better,” Hammed said. Hamed spoke enthusiastically about taking part in both sides of the game and plans to do the same as an upperclassmen.

“My Fridays are always very fun,” Hamed said.