By Josie Stewart, ’21

On Friday, Dec. 6 during fifth period, a climate rally will be held near the Ridgeview Rd. entrance and flagpole at UAHS planned by freshman Mia Doron.

“[I’m] organizing a rally on Friday during fifth period to raise awareness and get students, especially UA students, involved in rallying and calling to action for legislation and awareness on climate change,” Doron said. 

Doron was inspired to plan the rally after reading an article in the latest issue of Arlingtonian about the lack of protest concerning climate change around UAHS students and after attending two Columbus climate strikes led by Greta Thunberg’s followers and climate activists.

“My mom used to work at the Ohio Environmental Council, and [my parents] always raised me to be really politically aware. I have some friends that are environmentally conscious and I personally haven’t done a ton. I thought it was time for a bigger change,” Doron said. “I thought [that maybe] I could [hold a rally] here.”

Doron encourages everyone to participate, but there are consequences for participating if students do not have fifth period lunch.

“I met with Assistant Principal Jordan and [Principal] Theado. We talked it over, and if you have a class fifth period and you decide to skip class to come to the rally, there will be consequences for skipping class,” Doron said. “It will probably be a lunch detention or an after-school detention. But, if it’s your lunch period, since it’s not off campus, you’re not violating any lunch rules so there [are no] consequences.” 

The rally will last for all of fifth period and Doron reminds students to bring proper attire for the weather, food and other students to the rally.