The Internet offers many possibilities, but finding the best websites to waste time on can be tricky. Look no further; the answer is only a few clicks away

by Leah Johnston ’10 & Maria Paskell ’11

KivaMany people wonder how they can help a charity or organization but never get around to actually doing something. With Kiva, users don’t even have to leave their house, or even theirs chair. Through a view simple clicks of a button, users can make someone’s dream come true. Kiva is a website that allows someone to lend money to an entrepreneur across the globe with the idea that they will eventually pay them back. Donations can be made in someone else’s name so this is a great gift for someone who wants more than the average gift. This website gives people an opportunity that they may have otherwise never be given and motivates them to start a business.


There is no doubt that different moods bring about different types of music. Well Musicovery is the perfect site for this. Simply pick a mood, like energetic or positive, then click a genre of music and a desired decade and the listener will instantly find a web of songs to be played. One drawbacks to the site is that users cannot skip songs if they see another one they like unless they are a Premium member, which requires a monthly fee. One of the best features is that users can also search for their favorite artist, favorite songs, or popular hits and base their songs off of this as well. If they want to discover songs that aren’t very popular yet, this site has that capability also. It is a great site to listen to while working on homework or doing something else because a continuous list will play, all satisfying your mood.

StumbleUponMillions, if not billions, of websites bombard the Internet, so what are the chances users will visit even a small fraction of them? Very slim. However, StumbleUpon allows viewers to find websites that interest them. With one click of a button, users can arrive at a site dealing with a huge variety of topics. It all depends on what users click on the first page, as the topics range from cooking to movies to mythology and humor. If users find a page they enjoy, they simply hit the “I Like This” button and it will give them pages similar to that one. Read comments about the page or simply enjoy viewing it. This site fills the void of an open afternoon for hours of surfing pleasure.


Ever wanted to wear that gorgeous dress your favorite celeb wore to an event? Well, now you can and have the money go towards a charity. ClothesOffOurBack is a charity organization that holds auctions for celebrity clothes, memorabilia and other items that any fan would love to get their hands on with the proceeds going to charity. The range of celebrities is huge; there are shirts that Jersey Shore castmates wore to celebrities’ outfits, such as Jennifer Aniston’s Academy Awards dress. Charities like Feeding America are all supported through this organization. So if you have the time and the money, why not splurge on a one-of-a kind-piece that will benefit others as well.