by Molly Mitchell, ’20

Let me begin by letting you know that this editor’s note will be cheesy. But it’s Valentine’s Day, and I am an 18-year-old high school student. Almost everything I write or say or do today will be cheesy.

This February, Arlingtonian has kind of become a hug fest. I love the supportive environment we’ve created in Room 221.We’ve had tough, emotional conversations with administrators and pushed ourselves into forward progress—even when it seemed impossible. The staff was short $3,000 four weeks ago and, by the work of 19 already-overworked students, we got nearly every cent fundraised. Thank you to everyone—especially our hardworking substitute adviser Robin Mollica—who contributed and helped us this month. Despite some setbacks, we’ve made one of our best issues to date.

Knit-picking what is funny, what is not and why, Sammy Bonasso, Callia Peterson and Josie Stewart uncover the value and harm of humor in the centerfold.

Noah Mizer and Ben Rigney-Carroll look into Life360 and popular tracking devices used in many of our households on page 26. Interviewing app users, they reveal the safety and trust issues rooted in our own phones. 

Reflecting on the past rotation, seventh period has definitely been stressful, but always exciting and fulfilling. I can say with confidence that I have never been prouder to lead this team of motivated, compassionate journalists.

More than someone you love, celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day with a group of people that you are proud to call your friends. Whether you’re playing in the Coffman game tonight or chanting from the sidelines, appreciate the team of people around you. And after the game, celebrate the holiday of love with a group of friends in the center of the Fifth Quarter Dance dance floor. I think that Valentine’s Day is more about teamwork and friendship than it is about romance anyway.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Bears. And #BeatCoffman.