Two students, after being matched in a BFF survey, laugh about their similarities and friendship.


Senior Ryan Sharp and junior Spencer Reinhardt both took the voluntary Arlingtonian “Find your BFF at UAHS” survey and were paired up with each other. While asking open ended questions, the purpose of the quiz was to celebrate finding and connecting students in new, unlikely friendships in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

The two were initially friends through marching band and were surprised when they were emailed each other’s names in the survey results.

“I don’t even remember taking the survey,” Reinhardt said, while Sharp was reminded of it from another friend.

While being interviewed, the two often responded to the questions simultaneously with the same answer. Both students claimed comedy was their favorite movie genre and blue was their favorite color.

“Tacos,” Sharp and Reinhardt said in syncopation after being asked about their favorite foods. With smiles on their faces, they also recognized their mutual love for rock music.

“When I found out he was my match, I took a screenshot and sent it in a group chat,” Sharp said.

The two believe that the quiz results prove their friendship, and they found it funny they matched with each other and are apparently “UAHS BFFs.”

Neither student went into the survey expecting much in return, but they ended up strengthening their friendship and proving they have much more in common than just participation in marching band.