leah-webThere has always been talk about how Upper Arlington is a unique community. Many residents brag about our excellent public school education system, superior sports teams and great community atmosphere. To an outsider’s view, Upper Arlington might seem like a typical, suburban Midwestern community; however, those who know UA well know that it is truly unique.

People seem to have strong opinions about our community, but nobody can deny that it is one-of-a-kind. One of the notable aspects of the community is the generations of families that have grown up in UA. It seems that some families continue to come back to their roots to raise another generation in our sheltered community. We felt this trend would be interesting to explore. Sometimes to look forward to a new decade, we must look back and reflect on previous ones.

In addition to looking into UA’s past, we’ve covered many current events at the high school. For most seniors, the majority of their year has been spent stressing about their Capstone project. The replacement for the senior thesis has received mixed reviews, so we investigated how the program is doing after its first year of implementation.

Another policy change would be the Ohio Department of Education’s plan to change the Ohio Graduation Test to the ACT. This controversial change will have a major impact on future UA graduates, and I’m sure this will be a topic hotly debated in months to come. As always, Arlingtonian strives to report on timely topics such as these.

On a celebratory note, Arlingtonian was once again named as an “All-Ohio” newsmagazine, the Ohio Scholastic Media Association’s highest award for overall newsmagazine excellence. Staff members also received 18 individual awards. Moreover, four members of the Arlingtonian staff recently competed in Day-Of contests at the OSMA annual journalism convention at Kent State University. Bo Fisher, Evan Smith and I won awards in our various categories. The event was a bonding experience for the staff and a fun way to spend the weekend.