With all of the changes at UAHS this year, the school’s spirit club, better known as Bear Den, is doing everything possible to uplift players and keep students involved.

By Lucy Miller, ’22.

On Aug. 21, Principal Andrew Theado sent out an email to inform the student body about the new spectator rules mandated.

“The state’s new order limits spectator access to only 15% of our fixed seating capacity,” Theado wrote. “This limits each player, cheerleader and band member to three tickets for family or friends.”

Due to these restrictions, the only members of Bear Den that are permitted into sporting events are the current five presidents: seniors Delany Evans, Louise Mitchell, Joey Holland, Jack Flowers and Townsend Thompson. 

“We love having a student section, and it’s really sad that we don’t have one this year,” Thompson said. “But we’re just going to make it the best with what we have.”

Seniors and Bear Den leaders Delaney Evans, Joey Holland and Townsend Thompson cheer on the girls’ hockey team at the senior night home game on Sept. 2. Photo by Penelope Clark, ’21.

Without tickets available for students or the rest of the Bear Den committee, the presidents have been experimenting with new ideas on how to keep up morale during the games. They regularly update Snapchat and Twitter to keep everyone at home updated on scores and important announcements.

They have also been working with the Kickin’ It Live staff in hopes of broadcasting the games for the student body. They will then encourage students to set up watch parties of their own. 

“You can hang with your friends, in small groups of course, watch the game and send us your theme pictures,” Thompson said. Once the games are broadcasted, Bear Den will be able to encourage and inspire more involvement from the students. 

With limited crowd sizes, the other groups attending games have been helping to keep the attending parents and students excited. 

“At football games [Bear Den] now does a lot with the band and the cheerleaders,” Bear Den committee member Emma Morris said. This includes starting cheers, conducting silly interviews and keeping up the overall energy. 

Though this fall season won’t be anything like ones in previous years, Bear Den is hoping for the stands to open up in the winter and spring. They will be doing everything they can to make sporting events as exciting as possible until then. 

“I do think that if we wear our masks, and follow guidelines  there is a good chance that students will be able to go to games in the winter and spring,” Morris said.