This year’s UAHS homecoming will not be immune to the many changes to social events caused by COVID-19.

By Gracie Helfrich, ’23.

As summer winds down and autumn begins, high schoolers must readjust to the same overwhelming and sometimes stressful schedule of academics, sports and extracurriculars. To help cushion the blow of the start of the academic year, the Homecoming dance and football game is typically held in early fall. It has been a long time since a Homecoming has been skipped or been abnormal in some way. This year will break UAHS’s start of the year tradition due to COVID-19 still raging through the United States.

 “Homecoming is a fun tradition that kicks off the school year,” Student Council adviser Kim Brown said. 

The Council plans the dance each year with help from its two co-presidents and adviser.

Currently, sporting events held in the Marv can only be at 15% capacity to ensure social distancing. The Marv’s maximum capacity is 5,000 spectators, meaning as of right now, there can be 750 people attending an event at once. 

The homecoming numbers compared to the spectator numbers do not make an in-person homecoming game look like a possibility. At sporting events, spectators stay seated in one area for the entirety of the event, whereas at Homecoming, students are constantly moving around, eating, dancing and socializing.

In a normal year, our goal is always to sell at least 800 tickets,” Brown said. “In the past two years, we have sold over 1,000 tickets.” 

Along with larger numbers, Homecoming will be altered and atypical compared to years past. 

 Yet, Brown is still optimistic.

 “While we’re not sure of the details yet, Student Council will sponsor something to honor this tradition,” she said. 

Some students have other thoughts. Sophomore Gina DeLeone weighed in on the topic. 

 “I envision it not online and having an actual real homecoming,” DeLeone said. 

She thinks that this year’s homecoming could be “Corona Edition” compared to years past. 

Such as having “really cool masks,” DeLeone said. 

 With this information in mind, the recently elected council will be prepared to plan the event in the best way possible for students’ safety and experience.