New reboots of childhood favorites for current high schoolers have been recently announced.

By Carly Witt, ’23.

In the past two months, it has been announced that several popular Nickelodeon shows are getting reboots. So far, classic childhood shows iCarly and Zoey 101 have confirmed reboots remade with the original cast as adults.

Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainer and Nathan Kress are all set to star in the iCarly reboot which will be premiering in 2021. It was confirmed in tweets by producers Jay Kogen, Ali Schouten and Nickelodeon on Dec. 9. 

Sophomore Claire Mahan said, “I have heard about the reboots and I’m excited because those were some of my favorite shows as a kid.” 

However, there is always the pressure that comes with reboots, especially of iconic shows. Reboots may be disappointing to some since it’s not a new idea while others find nostalgia in the remakes.

“I don’t normally watch reboots because I prefer the original shows,” sophomore Avery Golowin said.

She also mentioned that while she’d heard about confirmed Nickelodeon reboots, she has no plans to watch them. 

“There is a lot of pressure in reboots because it has a lot to live up to in people’s minds because if it’s not as good as people remember,” Mahan said. “[If it doesn’t], it could get a lot of bad reviews.” 

There also comes a worry for studios about who will be watching the shows—old fans? New? A mix of both? Most shows would want a beautiful mixture of both, so that they’re bringing in a new audience, but also people who have already loved the show. 

Sophomore Ella Meats said, “I would watch it[the reboot] because I loved iCarly as a kid.” 

While most people our age would watch them because they bring back good memories, they can usher in a whole new audience. 

Mahan said, “I like reboots a lot, but sometimes they don’t live up to the original shows. [If they do], they can be very fun.”

Mahan also mentioned that iCarly would be her dream reboot, and now that it’s happening she is very excited. 

Meats said her dream reboot would be Good Luck Charlie because that was her favorite as a kid, but she’s excited about the new ones coming out. Likewise, Golowin said see is still waiting to see a remake of The Office with proper casting.