The end of the current high school building and how it is being celebrated. 


For the past two years, looming over Upper Arlington High School has been the blueprint of a new era: the new and updated building which will be in operation starting in the fall of 2021. 

With construction beginning in March 2019, students have seen the new building growing during fire drills, entering and exiting the school or just through simple glances out the window.

The class of 2022 will spend their senior year in the new high school, making them its first graduating class. 

“I’m very excited to have my senior year in the new school, by the looks of everything it’s going to be very nice and a lot better than the building we’re in now,” junior Macy Schaffer said. 

This year’s senior class, the class of 2021, will be the last class to graduate from the original building with some seniors hoping to make their mark on the school. 

There have been multiple art projects and committees working to resolve the year and close out the building, to make sure students have left every mark they can on the original high school so many attended and made memories in. This includes the mural recently painted near the front doors in honor of Start with Hello Week, an annual initiative by Ambassadors of Change.

The class of 2023 will have two years in each school, splitting their legacies between the past and the future. Sophomore Avery Golowin said, “I think it will be a fun experience to split my high school education in half by being in the two buildings, I’m hoping it will be a good transition.” 

The class of 2024 will have three years of their high school experience in the new and improved Upper Arlington High School. 

“I don’t know [what I will miss the most],” freshman Helen Harder said. “I haven’t really even had a full year in [the building] because of [COVID-19], but I think I miss the memory of my freshman classes and the feelings of your first year of high school.”

Even though many things are being left behind, an abundance of things are also set to come. The school will have updated technology and classrooms, giving students more engaging opportunities to grow and learn in. 

“It seems like just yesterday, they were talking about plans for the new school,” Harder said. “And now it’s really all happening.